17th Jan 2010***


You all know i had guests for lunch yesterday and so there were lots of leftovers which were to eaten today morning for lunch..

so i did not have to cook anything much i cooked only a papdi bhaji for lunch and did a lot of tidying up and dusting in the morning, i did some cabinet drawers which were left unattended for a very very long time….And these where the drawers that had my old and new collection of bags .Bags of all shapes and sizes and all textures.. Only after cleaning i realized that i had sooooo….. many bags but i just could not discard them all of them seemed to be in a good shape {probably because they are not used that often as the no of bags which i own are many so each one gets its chance only once in a while}.. but i managed to to giveaway 2 to my maid “whew**” .

so the whole morning when in cleaning and organizing , after lunch i decided i would sit and browse on the net but my connection was down and so i had to go to take a nap..

Just as i was about to get up and have my cup of tea my aunt from Pune called up to say that she and her sons will be coming to visit us in about 1/2 hours time..

I knew i would make them stay for dinner but the problem was i had nothing cooked today (because of the leftovers) . Now i did not know what they had planned for the evening or for dinner so I had to wait for them to come and then i would have to plan the dinner.

So my hubby went and bought 3 types of pattice to be had with tea as soon as they came to our place… Finally they came and then it was decided that i should order some Goan food for dinner and make sol kadi rice for them..

So the menu was

chicken masala, chicken sukha, prawn masala, fish fry

I made sol kadi,salad and had leftover palak masala…

This has happened first time in my life that i have bought outside food for people on consecutive days as whenever someone comes over i prepare a elaborate meal from scratch, but now everyone understands as i am recovering and cooking something suddenly is not possible.


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