I had said i would write about my day to day activites in my posts , i did try for two days but realised that its not my cup of tea to write about it everyday .. so i will write when i feel like but will surely tell you about my other days

As you know that i am a housewife or homemaker as they are now called so my routine does not change much, the routine is almost the same with a few little changes here and there , If i write my daily routine you will feel as though the things are repeated and might get bored { i realized this when i wrote two days continuously }.

Today was a busy day its about 5.15 in the evening and i am writing this with my evening cup of tea.

Today my cousin from Goa was here for lunch , normally i would have gone to the fish market and cooked a typical goan meal but as they said that they were going to come early i cancelled my fishy plan and decided to order chicken from out and make the veg part at home.

So here is the menu

MADE MY ME: Palak masoor tonak


cabbage vatana bhaji

dal , rice and chapatis

FROM OUT:    Chicken tandoori

chicken tikka masala…

fried rice…

My cousin who is a doctor in Goa loves good food but not particular that it should be goan food he loves to eat out too, so i decided to make a combination of home and restaurant food and it was a hit they enjoyed the food.

They were at my place at 11.00am . we chatted a lot and as things where also bought i did not have to be in the kitchen all the time…

They left at 2.30 after having lunch and ice cream

so it was quite a busy foodie morning for me .


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