10th JAN 2010

I always feel good when I do something more than just cooking and cleaning and the regular household routine… as such things are normally taken for granted not only by your family but also by you because they are the necessities of day-to-day living.

WOKE UP: 6.45am but did not get up till about 7.00am


Today I had to make breakfast and pack a small lunch box for my son by 8.30 am so I was short of time for my morning ritual of having a leisurely tea on my window sill , but as promised I did manage to take photos of my mug of tea and also some morning views from my window…


It was 7.30 by the time i finished my morning tea with a little browsing through my favorite COUNTRY LIVING magazine…

photo courtesy: country living

This above photo was on one of the pages of country living which I was reading and I liked looking at it so thought of sharing it with you too….

I made three breakfast things in the morning. I made omelet bread for my son as he would have to rush and a dose of protein would keep him away from hunger till 12.30 which was the time he would be free for having a little bite that I would pack in his little lunch box (he would have no time for a proper meal).

I made rotis for him on which I applied a generous amount of ghee and spread some jaggery on it and rolled it into a cigar shape (he likes me to pack his roti in this fashion so that he can just pick them up in his left hand while still holding his pen in the right). Jaggery would give him his dose of iron .. In one of the rotis I rolled in red garlic and coconut chutney which he loves and can have at any time of the day.

The third thing i made where ragi dosa for our breakfast and they were yummy too.. so lots of work for the morning breakfast time is it not and so lot of cleaning too…{sorry no photos had no time to click any}.

Time for a little relaxation with the daily newspaper for sometime .. and then the regular routine ….

lunch was red pumpkin and dry prawn vegetable

beetroot raita

buttermilk kadhi, rice,chapatis


Between making my lunch I did a lot of cleaning today and that’s what made my day a bit better , the most important thing I cleaned was the shelf where my sons doggies {made of clay or other materials} are placed , he likes me to do it as he does not trust anyone else to handle them and is always worried that they might just fall out of their hands and break .It takes a long time to clean this shelf as each and every piece has to be given a bath and then wiped dry haha… {but I love doing this for him}.


Normally I take a nap in the afternoon but I did not seem to get any sleep so I was doing some cleaning here and there not much but something to keep myself occupied.


As it is a sunday and my hubby was at home I had my evening cup of tea with him , and then we decided to go for our grocery shopping .By the time we were home it was late to cook dinner , I had morning leftover rotis and so we bought some malwani chicken masala for dinner…


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