9th Jan 2010*****

As promised i have come to share my day with you ,

I have been recovering and so as said earlier i cannot do much strenuous work and so my daily routine does not change much but still there is something extra that i try to do everyday which will bring a little pep in my life…

WOKE UP: I woke up at 6.30am today quite late compared to my everyday 5.30 as my son did not have his morning classes so no tiffin to be made early in the morning…

Had my morning cup of tea on the window sill ,i love to have my morning cup of tea sitting on my window sill  where i can see the morning unfolding and the crisp and fresh day starting, i love the quite outside with a little chirping or the birds and the warm glow of the rising sun. I normally have my mug not cup of tea with milk and without sugar.

I hate to have just tea in the morning  , i must have my rusk or butter biscuit as we call it… i will take a picture of my morning tea on my window for you tommorow..

Its at this time when all is quite and peaceful that my thoughts start flowing and i feel like writing all that is happening in my life and my mind and what i learn from it or what i should learn from it.. It so happens that these are only a few moments of peace and quite before the day starts with its hustle and bustle when all get up and then starts the series of daily chores which blocks one’s mind and the thoughts stop flowing..

It is such moments that are very important to think back and think about where your life is leading you and what you are doing about it.. whatever the thoughts you should let them flow and come out on paper…

There is one more thing that i do with my cup of tea and that’s not reading a newspaper but reading a magazine and that’s usually a interior magazine or a cooking magazine..today i read the COUNTRY LIVING 2002 issue…

My son had to leave for college earlier than the normal time so breakfast and food had to be ready  early and so as soon as i finished my tea and a little bit of reading off i was in my kitchen preparing today’s breakfast of KHICHDI.

sabudana khichdi

Immediately after serving breakfast and  clearing up i had to start preparing for lunch which was brinjal potato masala and bhendi or okra bhaji and rice. off course chapati is a must in our morning meal .I had yesterdays leftover dal which was to be eaten as well.

The rest of the day was spent serving at various times convenient to others and than a nap in the afternoon where i did not get sleep but just took some rest.

I sat on the computer browsing and reading my favorite blog for about 2 hours on the whole today that was after preparing lunch and after my evening cup of tea..

I and my hubby visited his cousins home who lives just a couple of building away from us…

after coming back home i made preparations for dinner and today for dinner i made DAHI BATATA PURI


so this was the way i spent my day

this takes some time as i had to make the chutney and the dahi for the dish…

This is my favorite dish and it came out really very yummy!!!!


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