I know i have not been very regular on my blog , the reason being that i do not do much art or craft nowadays but do a lot of cooking and the regular stuff.

I have been reading a lot of other blogs too and have realized that there are so many things that a housewife does in her day to day living and we do not keep count of what we do…

One such blogger who is a housewife  commented in her post how all the things we do are taken for granted and that we ourselves dont realise the efforts and the patience that goes into making our house a home.

This was what made me think that why should i not make this blog like a

” JOURNAL” where i will record what i cooked or what tasks i did , although i know it wont be possible for me to do it everyday , i can at least sit twice or thrice a week and share my week with you and if possible with some photos…

Off course that does not mean that i will stop posting about my glass paintings , i have a project in mind which i will be doing and also sharing with you…


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