sweet sheera or as some call it sweet semolina halwa…

This is a very commonly done sweet dish in Maharashtra the state of India where i live.. Its easy to make and delicious to taste , i would love it if my readers write in to me and tell me how often it is made in your home or if you had eaten it before. waiting for your replies…



1 cup Rava
1 cup milk
1 cup water
11/2 cup of sugar
½ tsp elaichi powder
ghee for frying and garnishing

Roast the rava till it turns brown and emits a yummy flavour.
Remove on a separate plate
In the same pan take one cup water, milk and 11/2 cup sugar
Add elaichi powder
Let the mixture come to a boil
Add the roasted Rava
Add ghee and stir till it forms a thick mass.You can add some dry raisins or some dry fruits to make it richer.


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