I ate this dish at someones house where i could not go and ask for the recipe , so all those who have read this post can you tell me the recipe of devilled eggs any version will do , the way it is seen here i will be very oblidged and will put up your recipe here on this post with your name and link if you have a blog so pls put it on my comment section.


One thought on “DEVILLED EGGS****

  1. Hi,

    My mom made deviled eggs by mashing the yolks and mixing them with mayo, dry mustard, and a small dash of vinegar. The modern method, as I understand it, just mixes the yolk with mayo and prepared mustard in about 2/3 proportion of mayo to mustard.

    The eggs you’ve pictured look different, though. The yolk portion is darker. Perhaps they used spicy brown mustard, or maybe they combined yolks with deviled ham and mayo. Either combinations, I think, might make a very good-tasting dish.

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