VEG THALI for my sister in law

 When there is this question of going out for food, my father is not very happy he prefers to eat simple food at home. But being a gem he never refuses to come , so that we all who are restaurant food enthusiast will not be disheartened.

so last sunday i wanted to take my parents out to eat and the only place that i could think of is HIGH WAY GOMANTAK AT BANDRA. I thought of this small but decent place because it serves gomantaki food i.e goan food which is so close to our food ( I am a goan) . so the menu is always fish fry,chicken masala with chapati, fish curry etc.

so here is what we ate there.


                                    FISH CURRY PLATE


                               CHICKEN MASALA PLATE


                 SUKHA CHICKEN(chicken in green masala)

The food was yummy we ended the meal with a typical maharashtrian sweet called “kharwas” which is pudding like made out of the first milk of a cow.


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