I visited a shop for HOBBY IDEAS , i have always loved to do something creative and this shop gives one an opportunity to do something new. I have done glass paintings  before, by tracing a design and then giving it an gold border .after the border dries you have to fill it with the available glass colours. In this shop i found interesting frames which are made of plastic and have the designs itched into it you have to just pour the colours into those designs .

I did just that but the colour bottles gave out air bubbles , which made the picture less than perfect,but for me creating something with your own hands has lots of pleasure and to display it, may it be for a short period of  time .

here i have it stuck with a cello tape to my window where the morning light makes it look wellll…. good!!!

pls tell me your views hahah….



44 thoughts on “GLASS PAINTING….

  1. Hi Akshata,
    Painting is really pretty. You can avoid bubbles from showing up by breaking them while filing colours. Use a toothpick for same. 🙂
    Did you start anything new?
    Am yet to give a final touch to my painting 🙂


  2. hi
    thanks for the tip will definetly tell you if i do something new will post about it .
    do you do painting too , i would love to see it,
    do you have a blog i would like to know about it too.

  3. hi
    very nice glasspainting. i do oil painting but never done glass painting before but after watching your i think i should do this also indeed very nice.

  4. hi akshata,

    Very nice glass paintin. i have been doing most kinds of art work.
    Have done quite a few glass paints, but this idea is new. i think the air bubble makes the paint look different. i agree with ur idea of pleasure to perfection.
    i liked this painting, if given time and chance will do it.


  5. I love it too… I have also painted quite a few things and i woudl love to share the picture with you

  6. hi
    i loved the glass painting. i did only one glass painting and gifted that one to my husband on our wedding and i would love to do more. can u gve me an information….what type pf colour does one use to bring shades on tha glass painting ….as we bring shades with oil colour or water coulour with paint brush? the glass painting colours that i have r thick and cant be used with paint brush. this time i would like to do something different. please let me know if u have the information that i have

  7. very beautiful.can you please tell me the name of the company of the glass paints you have used in your painting.thanks.pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do tell.

  8. Hi guys,
    I found your page while surfing for some ideas on the net. I am planning to start canvas painting. Unfotunately in Delhi, there are no Hobby Ideas stores n m unable to find a good teacher as well. Can u suggest something related to this…Also, What homework I need to do before i begin…. I have painted on paper.. coth n have done a few other things related to this…



  9. hi
    canvas is a very vast medium , you can do anything on it, but it is for you to decide which medium you would like to use..
    whether it would be water colour painting , oil painting or some other medium . you can go to book stores search for some books if you do not have teachers so basic teaching books and see what is your liking…
    I am not professionally trained , but i do things as and when i see something and when i feel like painting something so when you go through the books you will know what you want to do ok…

  10. hi ! painting is very pretty ….. but u can still improve it……
    i am an artist….y u not try posters of
    yours or some once face ……

  11. hi

    this is very nice…………looking very beautiful….i appreciate ur idea……….i also used to paint something differently………i know glass painting…..try to do more better………..i like to encourage u kind of people…

  12. Hey Akshata,

    Those look amazingly good. Great work there.. I am not sure how did my blog id got linked to yours in the “top clicks” sections but thank you if you did it 🙂 .. I’ll visit again to see more of your wonderful works again.. 🙂


  13. hai Akshata,
    its a great work and you are a genious in
    this field.I love paintings very much, and i
    like to make small statues in writing chalks.
    its my main hobby.

  14. Good work, I m much interseted in Glass painting but lacking in good ideas, yours is good, i have made 2 paintings, one i gave as a gift. thanks, byeee

  15. hi
    Nice to see that you like the paintings…
    it would be great to see what you did and the painting which won you a prize pls tell us your blog if you have one and put it up there.
    I would love to see your art on chalk i have never seen one before , i am a teacher so i do you a lot of chalk on the board.
    thanks again friends for your praise.

  16. hai akshata,
    im making chalk statues with the
    help of a small carving the
    chalk with a needle in various shaps.
    after finishing,give a
    drawing teacher.

  17. hi akshata.
    wow what a nice painting. i also do some fabric painting but after i saw ur glass painting i am fascinated and i will try one.

  18. I love your dragonfly on glass. Do you sell these and do you do them in different sizes? Also the price. I love dragonflies and this is one of the nicest ones I’ve seen. Please let me know if you take requests.
    Thank you,

  19. hi
    Thanks for your overwhelming response,
    as i said glass painting is just a hobby which i love to try , which gives me satisfaction , the tulips in my other post ” more glass paintings” is my favorite.

  20. hi..
    This Painting is realy realy nice..i want to learn can i learn ths art..i love glass paints..plzzz help me wid it..
    Good Luck

  21. Dear Akshata,

    U r simply genius.I’m very passionate about pottery & glass pintings.I’ve done glass paintings too.But U r AWESOME.When I saw Urs I was damn impressed.U r blessed with this gift so I wish U sweet success in every glass paintings.

    All the best.


  22. Dear Akshata

    I saw your paintings and its awsome….amazing…actually i am out of words…u are a real blessed artist…

    I love to do glass paintings and have done some also….but now i would like to take it as a business as many are asking me to do paintings for them. but as all are my very close relatives i cant ask them to pay….I would like to know if u could help me in some way or the other to put it as a business…


  23. hi
    Thanks for your overwhelming response….
    my friend parvathy…
    Thanks for your suggestion regarding doing some bussiness in glass painting, i have never given a thought to it in terms of earning so nothing right now , but i will definetly be happy to guide you in whatever way i can.

  24. Hi Akshata
    The painting looks very beautiful.But please be careful about the bubbles. Did u use any trace or u just drew it? I am looking for designs, if u know any website related to it , will u please inform me.Thank U

  25. Hi,

    The painting is very beautiful. You can break the air bubbles by piercing it with a pin. But this has to be done before the paint dries. Also do not shake the paint bottles before using them.. as it causes bubbles to be formed.

    I would like to share some of my glass paintings. they are not so perfect though.. as my drawing capabilities are minimal..

    have a look and comment

  26. Amazing!!! please tell me about two things, (a) procedure of pouring colour in the plastic bags (of course mention the process of sealing the bags also) and
    (b) where the shop? please…………

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