The book on the cooking in USA

My love for books is known to all, especially cooking related books not necessarily with recipes. I am very bad at following any recipe to the very end or you can say that I just cannot follow a recipe just as it is, I have to make some changes{which comes naturally to me, I don’t put any conscious effort to change it}. But I love books that help me know the food culture of the place. I have a collection and want to collect more and more books

Which show me what people all around the world eat .I  have a great book called CURRIES AND BUGLES which helps us know how the British during their tenure in India used to live and what they would eat. Its great and I like to read it over and over again.

My brother got me these 2 great books which are related to food.

I like it when friends or family show some concern towards my interest in such books and buy just the right gift for me. A gift is something that should give the receiver more pleasure than to the one who gives it to him or her.

There are people who will buy gifts because it gives them the pleasure of giving it and not because the person who receives it actually needs it.

Gifting is an art and it needs lots of feeling and consideration to the needs of others.


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