ayee baba where here to stay for 2 days and whenever anyone comes over i feel more enthusiastic to cook something different. I feel the same even when my mother in law comes visiting . There is new zeal and energy in the way i cook and whenits appreciated you feel really great.

When my father comes visiting he loves to visit our local market and buy stuff for me. So as usual he will leave early in the morning and go to the market to see if he can get some fresh fruits and vegetables and will come back with a happy expression and bags full.

He bought some fresh LAL MATH  i.e. a red leafy vegetable which is very tasty and has a lot of water in it. i usually make a dry vegetable with LAL MATH  but i decided i wanted to make something different that i tried a recipe which i had tasted at my sis-in-laws house and which i had enjoyed . i made it and it turned out to be very very delicious my parents too liked it a lot . we had eaten a lot of fish a day earlier so 8th was totally veg day.

MENU: lal mathache tonak , flower watana bhaji , shrikand , ambat varan , chapati and rice

for dinner i made a baked dish[something that i dont do quite often and hence was quite sceptical about making] , the baked dish tasted great because i added a lot of sweet corn to the dish and instead of maida i used cornflour and wheat flour in the proportion 1:1.


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