This was a instant find for me

A couple of days back i decided that i would make pancake out of a box i.e. from a pancake mix. My son loves pancakes so this was a treat for him and he was looking forward to eating them.

when i did use the pancake mix as per instructions on the box , the batter became very very thin , thin enough not to be called a pancake.

so , i had to think up of something to substitute  the plans that i had made.

So i took around 3 cups wheat flour , added 2 eggs,1/2 sp baking powder, and 1 cup milk.

i let it stand for sometime , then you put the mixture on  a hot griddle and go in circular motion.

you can get nice and soft pancakes but for me they are exeptionally nutritious .If you observe i havent added sugar, thats because you can eat this pancake with honey,or maple syrup or evensome bhaji or chutney



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