close up of kitchenI love

                          MY FRIEND SMITA’S KITCHEN CORNER

kitchens of any house and thats what i always look forward to when i am visiting someone . I will be from time to time clicking various kitchens and sharing the snaps with you ..pls give me your comments all the kitchens featured here will be simple day to day kitchens from regular people i.e who have tried to keep a good kitchen within their means .

It shows that its not how much you have, that gives a kitchen its beauty nor does the decor , but its the food and the warmth with which it is served that makes the kitchen a place worth looking at.

I know many who keep a great and well organized kitchen but no food is cooked here everything is readymade and meals are cooked catered from outside . While i have seen some really backward and old kitchens where the lady of the house rustles up delicious dishes for her family. That does not mean having a well organized kitchen makes you a bad cook , i only want to say that the importance of a good kitchen is directly propotional to the food cooked here.


                         FRUIT BOWL IN MY FRIENDS KITCHEN


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