I found this image on Facebook and its so apt to what I feel .. This is my motto for day to day living try to search for the simple pleasures in everything you do and everything you buy or use.

Photo: Great advice.

yesterday I had a doctors appointment and when I was done with that.. I decided to take a longer route home .. I could have just jumped into the nearby Auto rickshaw and come back home but I never like to just take the easiest way home whenever I go out.

So I walked from the clinic to the station which must be about 500 m but the way is packed with people selling all sort of stuff especially fruits and vegetables . I love to just walk by looking at the various stuff to buy . A 10 min walk can even take you 20-25 mins as its very crowded with people and the sellers But its fun for me..

I purchased a lovely hair clip which looks like a printed fabric .. I loved it and that’s my SIMPLE PLEASURE.



Morning tea.. A morning me time where I read a book… downloaded on my mini laptop and enjoy a cup of tea on my window sill.. That’s

a good start to my day…

when my son leaves for college I make tea for me and my husband and love to either curl up on my living room sofa or sit on the window with either a book or magazine and sometimes with my laptop to read downloaded stuff.

What is your morning routine and what is it that you like to do to start your day ?.


Its 11.00 am in the morning.. Just finished up with my morning breakfast and lunch preparations.. It’s Friday morning and normally my son is in college at this time, but today he is here sitting next to me studying for his exam tomorrow. It’s always a pleasure to have him with me. so that I can do a little bit of joking, chitchatting and leg pulling with him.

We understand each other very well, we can laugh at the same jokes and I know what he gets irritated at and I love to irritate him sometimes Hhehe.. {He does the same to me.. touches the raw sensitive spot..}.

It is time for my maid to come to do her daily work (Here we rely on maids as we do not have machines to do the work.) and with her I share my mid-morning cup of tea with something savory and tangy like KACHORI, OR CHIPS.

My father will be visiting me today and will be coming for lunch. Hence I have to also go down and buy a little fish so that I can make a fish curry which he so loves.










KHUTII KADI (made with soaked kokum fruit).



Have a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon , may go for a walk in the evening.





HERE IS MY TAKE ON IT.. The views expressed are totally my own and it would be great to know what other readers can add to it. This is their perspective.

I feel love between two individual starts with your mind. Your mind has to be ready to accept the opposite person first and foremost accept him as he is or be ready to open your mind to the person.

According to me there are three things that are most important in a relationship and the other minor things can follow.

RESPECT:  One has to respect the other person for the individual he or she is and that the other person’s views, his way of looking at life or I will say ever situation may it be big or small may or may not be the way you look at it.. Learn to respect him for his actions as long as they do not affect your own life in a negative way and as long as you don’t have to lose your own respect.

TRUST:Learning to trust the person we love is very important, we have to know the person so well, that we should be able to know him or her for what he is.. Off course trust always depends on how truthful the other person has been in a relationship and hence it works both ways.. You have to be open and transparent with your loved one and they should know that when you say something there is no two ways about it.. That’s the truth and only the truth.

UNDERSTANDING: With trust and respect comes the understanding for the opposite person, where your relationship is beyond words and actions, one can know how the other will behave or say in such a situation or will react to which situation. You should be able to look at each other and know what’s going on in the other persons mind and behave accordingly..

It’s very tough to maintain such a wonderful relationship but off course not impossible, but the effort should be on both the sides.

GROWTH AND CHANGE should be accepted.

Marriage is not only about diamonds and flowers it’s also about doing the little unexpected things for the other .

15th FEBRUARY 2014..

Its late at night , I have finished my work and sitting here to update a new post..

Today was a little different from other I did not have to do any lunch i,e elaborate lunch offcourse I had to cook for me and my son .. but its OK if I do only one thing.. so I made carrot parathas and made khichdi

The weather was beautiful as we got unexpected showers in the morning the whole house was nice and cool.


I read this advertisement in the paper about a Huge exhibition that was taking place in an area not very close to our place.. I used to visit such exhibitions when my son was younger and had not been there for the whole of the last 10 yrs

I love going to exhibitions as we can find a lot many things under one roof, I am not too fond of dressing and so exhibitions having only fabrics or clothes are a big no-no for me , but I enjoy it when there are  handicrafts , food , and decor items.

So this was one such exhibition with almost everything in one.. Let me tell you how I commuted to the venue.. I am writing this for those who are not from India and not staying in a metro like Mumbai where I do and staying and traveling conditions are very different from other cities or countries.

It was a Saturday afternoon , so almost half of the offices are closed plus afternoon time is against the crowd  time for where I stay and where I was going to, so a big plus hence that was the day and time I chose to visit this venue.

I first took a rickshaw to the station one can also take a bus,



and then I boarded a local train and went to station where we were supposed to go for the exhibition. Then we had to take a rickshaw again to reach the venue It totally took me about 1 hour 15 mins to reach there.. By we I mean , I had invited my brothers mother in law and sister-in-law to come along with me for the exhibition..


In Mumbai traveling is the biggest issue for a 3.5 km distance it can take about 30-35 mins by Rickshaw or car due to the traffic conditions.. But staying in Mumbai is a boon for those like me who do not drive,  the public transport system is very well-developed with lots and lots of buses, auto rickshaws and local trains are used for  everyday around Mumbai but due to the large population there is lots of crowd and hence lots of traffic jams.

Read this link to know more…

We spent about a couple of hours there.. and then returned home in the way we reached the place.

I was expecting quite a rush at the exhibition. But I found that it was not as crowded as when I used to visit such exhibition years back. I will tell you what I think the reason was tomorrow so look out for this page..




I would love to write everyday..but its just not possible to do so..But I was thinking why not make a questionnaire kind of thing which I see many homemakers doing on blogs where they answer a set of questions about their day and the activities and by that they can keep in touch and also is interesting for the interested ( hehe… I like that…)

I will make a set of my questions , i.e what suits my lifestyle as the questions that others answer may not be suited for your life in a certain country.So, I will make some everyday questions and answer them by which I can keep in touch with you all at least 3-4 times a week.. If  my other readers would like to answer those questions they can do so on their blogs or in my comments.. for other like minded friends to read .. it will make us aware of the type of life homemakers  in other countries live ‘

I feel that such dialogues helps us homemakers who are not in touch with many others like the working women and who would love to get to know more people around the globe.

I would like to know what you feel about it pls keep a comment on this post so that I know.

16th JANUARY 2014



Its 10.45 in the morning, Just about finished my early morning schedule, Here in India we do not have lunch before 1.30 in the afternoon and our meals are complete meals so there is time to cook my meal ..

My regular morning schedule is

On waking up I boil milk (which a milkman keeps outside our door) .. { we get fresh milk everyday its in pouches which are branded and sealed or it is loose where the milkman comes with a can of freshly milked milk } Right now I prefer the branded pouches.

Then while the others are sleeping I make my sons lunch box ( this too is freshly cooked every morning as its his semi lunch) He comes home at around 4.30 and has his lunch. Its ok as we have a late dinner around 9.00 pm

Today I made potato slices shallow fried in some spices and dipped in rice flour we call them BATATA PHODI .. phodi is slice.

This he loves to have with either roti or sandwiched in slices of bread today I gave him bread slices and a pouch of tomato ketchup to go along with it. If he has a longer day at college I would have given him a second tiffin with fruits or some buts. but he will be coming early today so he has carried only one tiffin or lunch box.

Then I and my hubby talk our morning cup of tea where I go on chattering while he reads his paper. Hehe,.. I do not know how much goes into his head..

I read my magazines and sometimes the latest updates on some blogs.. then it is time to make breakfast for my hubby normally this is what my son carries for his lunch box so it’s done but sometimes like when fresh dosas or paraths or roti has to be made I make it fresh and hot before he leaves for work.

As he leaves I have to make the prep work before my maids come for work i.e. she comes for doing the dishes.. Most of us in India do not own a dish washer its only for the very affluent as yet.. I know that it will be a necessity after a few years.. Just like the washing machine which has come to India just about a decade ago and then it was considered a luxury, but now it has become a necessity as the maids refuse to wash clothes that they earlier did .. As you have to clean the vessels before they go into the machine here too we have to wash all the vessels under water before they come as they come only once a day and the vessels are from the day before. They will do only what is put in front of them they do not go out of the way to look for other things and wash them, off course ether are exceptions to the rule.

Then I load the washing machine, I have a load everyday.. Then it’s time to make my bed and clean up my sons room.. He rushes out in the morning and leaves everything around.. It’s a pleasure doing thing for him, but sometimes I have to shout, so that he gets into a habit of cleaning up after him.

Its kitchen time then, I start my lunch prep i.e. cutting, cleaning vegetables, cooking the rice in the pressure cooker, soak dal for making my spicy dal or grate coconut for making fish curry. Cooking lunch is something that takes my major morning.


And now here I am sitting at the computer with my morning cup of tea which I share with my maid.

I tell her to take a break from her schedule give her a hot cup of tea with a good breakfast by which she can go through the rest of her morning without worrying about food..

My MENU PLAN  for the day is


Dal-plain yellow lentil dal with ghee and hing.

Okra or ladyfinger stir fry

Brinjal Bharta

Rice and Roti.

No plans made for dinner as yet..

I am in midst of planning my home binder so I work on it every single day.. and try to get pintables or lists which will suit my schedule.. Its difficult to stick to a schedule here as you are dependent on your maid and also their timings.. but still I try.




Yesterday when I had gone for my regular vegetable and grocery shopping I noticed a banner which announced an exhibition. This exhibition had artisans from nearby places come together to showcase their things.

I love such exhibitions because the things available are handmade and they are not available in big malls as they are produced in limited quantity with limited resources and so, are not mass produced .

The advantages of buying such goods are that you encourage small time artisans to sell and improve their products and also have some unique handmade stuff with you.

I normally never let go an opportunity to visit such places and one so near never…. so there I was at the exhibition with my grocery shopping bags and not too much money but as it was the last day of the exhibition I had to go there and buy something for my inner solace.

There were some lovely simple things with no frills, just simple stuff which have utility value in our day to day lives as the people who come to such exhibitions don’t have loads of money to waste but have just enough to live comfortable lives.


I purchased these beautiful earring which are made with artificial pearls and stones..They cost me quite little but they look really very neat and nice.


Routine is a thing that most of us follow, it’s something that makes us organized, be up-to-date and also finish our day-to-day activities on time and with a certain focus.


Although all this is very very true and I too try to have a certain routine in my daily activities by which I try to accomplish things which help me keep my house running smoothly..I love to go off routine once in a while. It’s so exciting to not be doing the things that you do every day , to be able to just let everything that is done everyday be and do something different , do you have that feeling too of being free of the regular bonds of daily routines.


I did just that yesterday.. when my hubby was away with his siblings and their families out-of-town (I had to stay back with my son as he had his important college exam to attend, which came up suddenly and there was no way to avoid that so we cancelled our plans and my hubby decided to continue as he was the one who had organized and planned the whole overnight trip and didn’t want it to be a failure).


So no lunch making for me…Which is a relief sometimes as we have a complete whole meal for lunch which takes up most of my morning.. and as my hubby is home in the afternoons , I just cannot take up other projects like cleaning out the whole cupboard or things like that which mess up the whole place ..(Here in India space is a premium) so we have very little place and have to adjust everything in small spaces..

So that’s what I did, I cleaned up my much-loved magazine and book shelf (only one shelf) having at least 200+ magazines and some books. I had to bring everything down (It’s a deep drawer which is one foot in height and equally deep) so takes books in two rows with three sections in each row.. Hehehe confusing.. I am too…

I loved going through my magazines arranging them according to my convenience and piling them again and also Humm.. Discarding a few???? Which I really don’t ever enjoy.

But I did just what I wanted did not cook anything, ate only leftovers.. My dear son does not mind this as long as I make his favorite Instant Noodles for him.. And off course lots of fruit.

You won’t believe what I had for dinner.. (No food cooked at dinner as well) I had milk and cereal with my favorite fruit Banana. My son had leftover spinach paratha from the day before.. He loves them.

All in all a relaxed day cleaning and watching lots of YouTube videos of homemakers making their home a better place.